Frequently Asked Questions


Who are the Finova Coaches?

Meet Our Coaches!

Do you offer Trading Signals?

Trading signals:

We do! Max posts his longer-term Buy & Sell Alerts, while Coaches Kyle & David post daily crypto signals!

How do I create an account? How do I sign up?

This is the sign up link:

What are the available tiers?

Bronze, Silver, and Gold! More here:

I got an error message! How do I contact support?

-Chat Widget: Located on the bottom of our website

-Discord Channel: (#customer-support)

Do you still use Patreon?

No. We have fully migrated to Finova. To make the switch, simply cancel your Patreon subscription and sign up for Finova using this link.
To cancel your Patreon membership, here’s how.

Do we get different content on Finova than on Max Maher’s Patreon?

Yes. Finova is the new platform where we upload all the recent content from Max Maher and our coaches. From articles, signals, and call recordings, all are up-to-date and set up for you in Finova, including the previous content from Patreon.

Can I pay using crypto?

Unfortunately, we can’t accept crypto as a form of payment as of now. We are working on accepting crypto in the future. Fortunately, there are two options: 1) Stripe and 2) PayPal.

Can I upgrade/downgrade tiers for free?

When you upgrade or downgrade, it prorates the charge. So it will charge you less or more and then give you instant access to your tier.

I currently have a subscription but want to upgrade. Do I get a 7-day trial for the upgraded tier as well?

No. Only one trial is allowed per email address. The system doesn’t allow upgrades to reinstate a new trial.

Do I immediately lose access to the call recordings once I downgrade to a lower tier?

Yes. Downgrading a tier will automatically restrict your access to content that is not available to your subscription.

What are the different trade signals that Finova offers?

We have three different “trade signals” channels right now, in addition to more channels focused on longer-term investing.

For the Signals channels:

  1. Max mostly focuses on ADA and is in a challenge right now to trade $100-$10k
  2. Coach David’s trades are mostly swing/day trades focused on altcoins and some bigger projects
  3. Coach Kyle’s trades are mostly BTC-focused, but he sometimes throws out surprises. He’s also leading a trading challenge.
    4. We’re always looking to add more content for you! 

If I cancel during my 7-day FREE trial, will I be charged?

No, silly! The trial is there for that reason! As long as you cancel during the trial, you will not be charged. Keep in mind, you do have to provide payment details to begin your trial, but we won’t charge you. 


Once you start your free trial, you should be able to log in and see this video

How can I cancel my subscription?

Simply log into your Finova account and click your account icon. Look for “Manage Subscription” and click the cancel/delete account button.

I already have a Patreon account for Max Maher, can I still join Finova?

Yes, of course! We advise that you cancel your Patreon subscription first before signing up for Finova, as we do not support Patreon anymore.

Does Finova have an app?

Currently, there’s no app, but that’s in the works. If you’re an app developer, lets talk. 

However, all of our signals and alerts are available in our amazing Discord server. It’s imperative that you connect your Finova account to discord to reap the full benefits of FINOVA.

Is this program only for people with experience in trading?

We have content for anyone at any level, from beginners to advanced. We have several experienced investors who run daily and weekly live calls (which are recorded) for beginner-advanced traders. We also have some mentors who walk through more traditional stock-market investing, small business help, and a few more niche topics. 


Another thing in the group is daily crypto signals from a couple of our experienced mentors/traders that you might find value in. Max has put quite a bit of effort into finding these mentors.

How to transition from Patreon to Finova

Purchase a membership on Finova on the 1st of the month. Cancel your Patreon before doing so. That way you will not be billed twice on (Month)

Cancelling membership using Paypal as a payment method:

In order to cancel the subscription, you must do so on the PayPal website. Please do not contact Finova to cancel your recurring payment. Only PayPal can cancel a recurring payment.


To cancel your PayPal recurring payment, log in with PayPal and follow PayPal’s instructions on how to cancel a subscription.


In short, you need to find the preapproved payments menu or the transaction where you set up the subscription (or the last transaction sending funds to JMIR) and select cancel.


Canceling a subscription will also cancel any future automatic payments.